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Ceramic protection products from
ShineWorks Detail Studio for Tesla vehicles

To keep your Tesla in good condition, get a ceramic coating now.

The Shine Works Detailing Studio has assembled a specialized team of ceramic coating experts who only work with Tesla cars. We have developed effective ceramic coating installation procedures over the course of our years in business that have been shown to be secure for the distinctive paintwork on all Tesla models. In addition to keeping your Tesla safe, having a ceramic coating applied will help it maintain its peak value for many years. and we have a variety of packages for your Tesla to keep it looking as good as the day you bought it from the casa.

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Shine Works Detailed Studio - Tesla Ceramic Coating Benefits

Keep your car's exterior in better condition.

Many people have purchased a Tesla because of its distinctive design. Our ceramic coating at Shine Works Detailed Studio will help you to keep your car's exterior fresh for a long time without requiring a lot of maintenance.

Prevent Stains from Forming

While driving, environmental and chemical contaminants come into contact with the vehicle's exterior, increasing the likelihood of paint stains and degradation. Our ceramic coating formulas will protect your car from dust, swrls, scratches, and chemicals and stains that will damage your car's pain

All exterior coated surfaces have an exponential shine.

Tesla uses special paint to highlight the uniqueness of its vehicles; however, a ceramic coating can take it a step further. All of our Ceramic Coating packages are known for increasing the depth of your paintwork, which increases the already exceptional value of your Tesla vehicle.

Experience The Best Paint Protection For Your Tesla

With the assistance of our ceramic coating installation team here at Shine Works Detailed Studio, paint protection and perfection are literally at your fingertips. Before bringing us your Tesla for ceramic coating, be sure to check out all the packages that we have for tesla, don’t forget to fill out our FREE quick form to get a rough estimate on your selected package, and please contact our team to let us know if you have any questions.

We make your car shine and look beautiful.

Since 2008, Shine Works Detailed Studio has been in the business of auto detailing, appearance, and protection. Because we are now experts at this type of work, and everyone here is highly qualified and trained, so if you bring your car to Shine Works Detail Studio, we’ll make sure you get excellent treatment that leaves you satisfied. Bring your vehicle to Shine Works Detailed Studio right away to receive VIP treatment for it.