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ShineWorks Detail Studio's paint protection film for Tesla

Protect Your Tesla Against Defects and Hazards

Many detailing shops offer a variety of services to help Manny Tesla owners maintain the shine of their car’s paint. Before you choose a detailing shop for your Tesla, you should consider how long her paint protection film will last.

We offer a good paint protection film for your car at Shine Works Detail Studio that helps to protect your car from scratches, chemicals that damage your car paint, or any substance that will damage your car paint with long-term protection and minimal maintenance.

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Shine Works Detail Studio - Tesla Paint Protection Film Benefits

Safety applied the paint protection film on your car.

We understand that you are concerned about the safety of your vehicle. Our paint protection film has been tested, and all of the staff at Shine Works Detailed Studio is extremely knowledgeable and highly trained

Self-healing paint protection with long-lasting protection

Our transparent, self-healing paint protection features maintain their integrity over a long period of time despite numerous abrasive hits. Paint protection film absorbs the impact and bounces back to normal like a springboard when your paint is scratched or banged against by a rock, shopping cart, or other defect-causing hazard.

Stain resistance in hydropobic environments

Ceramic Coating packages and Paint Protection Films that we install on Teslas have a slick, hydrophobic surface that repels liquid and solid contaminants. This repellent prevents stains from forming on your Tesla's paintwork, saving you time and money at Shine Works Detailed Studio.

Tesla self-healing paint protection films

Start your trip into the world of Paint Protection Films for your Tesla car by completing our FREE quick quote form to get a competitive installation cost estimate. If you have any inquiries or worries about the installation procedure,product upkeep, or warranty information, please get in touch with our team before you visit Shine Works Detail Studio.

We make your car shine and look beautiful.

Since 2008, Shine Works Detailed Studio has been in the business of auto detailing, appearance, and protection. Because we are now experts at this type of work, and everyone here is highly qualified and trained, so if you bring your car to Shine Works Detail Studio, we’ll make sure you get excellent treatment that leaves you satisfied. Bring your vehicle to Shine Works Detailed Studio right away to receive VIP treatment for it.