ShineWorks Detailing Studio

Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating Services

ShineWorks Detail Studio
Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating Services

Polish and Seal

  • Prep Hand wash
  • Door jams cleaned
  • Wheels / tires cleaned / shined
  • Full paint decontamination (Claybar / Nanoskin)
  • Badges / emblems  and front grill cleaned
  • Removal of all road grime ( Tar, Bugs, sap etc..)
  • Engine Bay cleaning , rubber /  plastic dressed
  • Wheel wells fully cleaned; plastics dressed
  • Exhaust tips polished(if applicable)
  • Interior vacuuming, glass cleaned, basic wipe down
  • One step paint polishing
  • Paint sealant applied( Up to 12 months protection)

Multi Step Correction

  • Includes all the above plus…
  • Badges/emblems and front grill cleaned
  • Severe Paint Defect Removal
  • Fine polishing
  • Highest Level of Gloss and Paint Finishing Possible

Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating Level 1

  • Everything  included above plus…
  • Full paint Decontamination
  • Single Stage Polish
  • Ceramic Coating  applied to Paint  & Trim ( 3 years protection)
  • Hydropobic , repels  dirt and contaminants , keeps vehicles  cleaner for longer  wiith outstanding shiine

Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating Level 2

  • Multi step paint correction
  • Full paint Decontamination
  • Ceramic cloating applied to paint & trim ( 3 Years Protection
  • Hydrophobic, repels dirt and contaminants , keeps vehicle cleaner for longer with outstanding shine

Coating Upgrades - Our base coating lasts 3 years but we have available upgrades that will last all the way up to 10 years!

  • 5 Year Carbon Ceramic Graphene 10H
  • 5 Year Undrdog Pro Coating – This is unique and extremely effective Teflon based coating rather than ceramic, extremely high chemical resistance, incredible gloss & slickness, works great on paint, trim & wheels.  One of our favorite, most versatile coatings.
  • 8-10 year Industrial grade RV, Marine, Aero grade coating that works great on automotive surfaces as well!  This coating adds measurable thickness to your vehicles paintwork.  It is extremely durable, chemical resistant, thick, slick, glossy and the ULTIMATE protection for your vehicles paint, trim, glass and wheels!  1 coat will last up to 8 years and 2 coats can last up to 10 years.  This is the pinnacle of automotive coating protection!

Wheel Ceramic Coating

  • Wheels fully cleaned and decontaminated with safe(non acid)  based cleaners.

  • Ceramic coating applied.

  • Substantially reduces brake dust build up, keeps wheels cleaner for longer and prevents damage to wheel finish

  • $160 for outer face of wheel, $360 for full removal of wheels from vehicle

Glass Coating Hydrophobic Treatment

  • Glass Thoroughly Cleaned & Decontaminated

  • Hydrophobic treatment applied (up to 3 years/30k miles protection)

  • Extremely hydrophobic and dirt resistant, vastly improves vision in all driving conditions

  • $100 (Windshield) $160 (All Windows Sedan) $200 ( Full Size SUV)